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Mandy Moore

Joining me on this episode of I Have a Podcast is my longtime friend, actress, singer, songwriter, production company owner, who knows what’s like to be a working mother in Hollywood, Mandy Moore! We talk about work-life balance and how she has used many forms of media to help build her brand, claim her narrative, […]

#001 SuChin Pak: Storytelling, Discipline, and Structure

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-awc39-10c9e35 Welcome, friend, to the very first episode of I Have a Podcast, a collection of conversations with today’s most successful, mindful, and impactful voices in media and technology. In this inaugural episode of IHAP I am joined by the irresistibly charming and brilliant SuChin Pak.  SuChin Pak is a journalist, producer, and co-host of […]

How to Start a Podcast?

Podcast has been a consistent major media platform for producing contents & building brands because it’s accessible and really easy to set up. However, if you don’t plan ahead of time and conduct a workflow before you start your own show, your podcast may not come out as you imagined.     Here are some […]

SEO Tips for Launching Your CBD Brand

We all know the cannabis industry has experienced many highs and lows since disrupting the marketplace. In 2019, hundreds of new brands joined in what is already being referred to as The Great Economic Market Disruption of Cannabis. And the most interesting thing to me about the conversations around CBD-based products is how it fractures […]