brand development

With a proven eye for discovering talent and a successful track record of creating content that matters, Vinnie and his team strategically collaborate with our clients on a one-on-one basis to develop & grow their personal brand with content we develop and produce with you. 

Interested in creating more success with your personal brand? We’d love to help you achieve your goals and ensure you’re developing content that is relevant and marketable in today’s current media climate.

Interested in expanding your brand?

content, casting & celebrity

We’ve been casting, booking & creating content ever since the tv was square… or 4:3 to be exact, so almost square.

From MTV (’98-’07) to VPE (’08-’18), Vinnie has pioneered and re-invented the way on-air talent has been utilized in unscripted programming, launching some of the most successful talent brands & creating some of the biggest tv hits in modern pop culture. And we’re still leading the charge!

Check out our contribution to the success of A&E’s Save It Or Sell It, which also aired on History & FYI in 2017. 

contests & campaigns 

Vinnie is an expert communicator with mass and micro audiences and has interviewed hundreds of thousands of people throughout his career while engaging hundreds of millions for clients such as Macy’s, Samsung & MLB. 

At VPE we create & curate talent driven contests such as Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover (TLC), Samsung’s SOS Island and MLB’s Fan Cave as well as creating conversation worthy digital engagements with social impact for clients such as Kiehls, Cîroc, Bacardi, Nikon, LG and Elle Decor, to name a few.