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Creating Content

  Home / Creating Content    creatingcontent Notion Access LeadQuizzes Description:Online Quiz Maker for Marketers and Small BusinessesURL: https://vpe.tv/leadquizzes Gleam Description: The Business Growth PlatformURL: https://vpe.tv/gleam Contest Domination Description: The Viral Contest Platform That Generates 400% More Leads.URL: https://vpe.tv/contestdomination Opinion Stage Description: Create Quizzes & Surveys That Get Better ResultsURL: https://vpe.tv/opinionstage Qzzr Description: Understanding your customers has never been […]

Podcast and Original Audio

Home / Podcast And Original Audio  Podcast and Original Audio Notion Access Adobe Photoshop Description:Creative journeys start here. URL: https://vpe.tv/adobephotoshop Canva Description: What will you design? URL:  https://vpe.tv/canva Design Pickle Description: PLANS THAT WORK FOR YOU. URL: https://vpe.tv/designpickle Picked Cherries Description: Share Podcasts like never before. URL: https://vpe.tv/pickedcherries Adobe Premiere Pro Description: Creative journeys start here. URL: https://vpe.tv/adobephotoshop Zencastr Description: […]

Barbara Barna Abel and I Have A Podcast: Camera Ready & Confident

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-nf2c5-1134a6b Today’s guest is Barbara Barna Abel. She’s a multi-media coach and advisor who is widely sought out for her work as a talent developer and executive development expert. Her book How to Get Your Foot in the Door: Television Hosting and Presenting is a must-read for any on-camera TV host, and her 12 Tips […]

Damien Fahey and I Have A Podcast (Part 3):

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-b68ut-1131bb4 We’re hanging out with Damien Fahey! We talk about ways to gamify being consistent, how to get noticed, ways to utilize your contacts, how to empower your friends and contacts to help you succeed.   Conversation Timestamps: 00:13 – Damien Fahey Intro by Vinnie 01:00 – Craig Kilborn Leaves the “Late Late Show” 01:58 – […]

Damien Fahey and I Have A Podcast (Part 2): I Want My MTV

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-mmxuv-1131736 We’re hanging out with Damien Fahey! We talk about ways to create your own opportunities, finding creative flow, the importance of taking inventory of the talent you’re surrounded by…  Conversation Timestamps: 00:13 – Damien Fahey Intro by Vinnie 00:41 – Preparing for My Audition  01:28 – Waiting My Turn 02:00 – The Moment I […]

Christina Milian and I Have A Podcast: Songwriting, Discovery, and Setbacks

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-h9bhb-111db9b On this super special episode of I Have A Podcast we sit down with a multi-talented superstar whose hard work has made her successful in everything she puts her mind to… Christina Milian!   We talk about the importance of timing, the songwriting process, discoverability, and how to overcome inevitable setbacks.        […]