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Top 7 Branding Tips for Start-up Business

People tend to ignore how important branding is because in the startup phase, there is not much budget or energy to put aside just for branding.

However, branding matters because it represents the reputation of your company: what you believe in, what are your core values, what kind of product/service you are selling, and why do customers believe in your company.


Here are the 7 tips to keep in mind when it comes to branding for start-up businesses:



Make A Plan & Doing Research On Your Competitors

Planing is important because you will know how to prioritize your work and make the right decisions. Also doing research on how your competitors are operating/branding their companies will give you ideas on how you should work on yours to be ahead in the games.


Focus On A Small Target Audience

Don’t try to please everyone because different groups have different needs/focuses. Instead, try to put your target on a niche group of customers. This makes your goal more specific and you can come up with a better way to attract potential customers.


Step In Your Customers’ Shoes

What would they think of your company? Your target audience are the biggest buyers for your product/service & try to think: what will be appealing to them? What makes them want to buy what you are offering?


Getting Involved With Your Community

Engaging with your brand community is everything. This is how you can market your business and attract potential/returning customers because customers love brands that care about them & listen to their opinions for improvements.


Keep It Simple / Be Authentic

You want your brand message came across clear, direct and memorable; so when your target audience see your logo, they get the idea/message immediately and will think of your brand before other competitors when they have the intention to purchase.


Be Consistent

Inconsistent brand messages, including visual aesthetics, can confuse your customers of what they think your company is about. It is important to come up with some brand guidelines so even when more people are involved in your branding campaign, the same core values of the company is established.


Review Your Brand Often

Always remember to take a step back to look at what you have done & what you have planned. Re-evaluating what branding/marketing strategies are working and what have not will help you rethink what potential can be done for future planning.