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Top 5 Best Questions to Ask at the End of the Job Interview


There’s no better way to show that you are ready to be engaged for a new job than to come to the interview fully prepared.

Most of us practice the first 5 minutes of the interview, the small talk and the part where we establish who we are, what it will be like to work with us, and the mannerisms in which we present and articulate opportunities within.

However, the most important moment of the interview comes in the last five minutes, when the interview manager asks you if you have any questions.

At this stage of the meeting, the potential employer has learned much about you and your skills, and it’s your time to know more about the your future boss/company by asking some focused, open-ended questions to make sure that this company is the right place for you. Asking engaging end of interview questions will also prove to the interviewer that you are very interested in this opportunity.

Here are five questions to ask at the end of the job interview to seal the deal:

Remember: do not ask questions that are so broad it is difficult for the employer to answer or questions that can be answered just with a yes or no.