Dating, Podcasting, and Making Moves with Damona Hoffman


What happens when Damona Hoffman and Vinnie Potestivo get behind a mic? Listen to what this dating expert and podcast extraordinaire has to say about success and a few shared experiences on this episode of I Have A Podcast!

We dive into how Damona has pioneered the podcasting space – back when it was still called “internet radio shows” and how she followed every twist and turn of the industry to success. She shares tips and insights into how she got her start in podcasting and what you can do to connect to success as a podcaster.

01:02 – How Podcasting Started for Damona Hoffman
01:47 – Utilizing the Space in Her Home and Turn It into a Studio
02:00 – Realizing the Increase of Podcasting as an Earning Platform
02:25 – Creating Three Podcast Shows From Your Home Garage, Is It Possible?
03:15 – The Continual Evolution of Virtual Podcasting and Content Creation
04:49 – What Is the Next Step in Her Career?
05:40 – Podcast as a Content Engine in Connection to Her Career as a Creator
06:40 – What It Took for Actors to Get Noticed
07:05 – Starting a Marketing Classes in Comparison to Dating
07:20 – Make Online Dating Work for You!
08:02 – Why You Should Accurately Profile Yourself
09:11 – How to Profile Yourself Professionally
10:35 – Knowing What to Emphasize in Your Profile
11:15 – Importance of Developing a Relationship Slowly
11:50 – Are Dating Apps to Blame for Rushing the Dating Process?

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