There are many website builders out there, I happen to have been attracted to WordPress (specifically WordPress Managed by GoDaddy) as a way to build and maintain my websites. You don't have to guess when it comes to analytics. These best-in-class solutions will give you valuable insight on your website and its visitors. Find out how many visitors are coming to your site, where they come from, what pages they visit most, when do they visit and more.

Google Analytics

Description: Google Analytics is the most popular analytics solution available. It is free and you can quickly get started by creating a Google Analytics account or signup using a Google account.



Description: Jetpack by WordPress.com displays basic stats in your WordPress dashboard. You can use this plugin on any self-hosted WordPress site to track your visitors



Description: MonsterInsights is the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. It allows you to easily install Google analytics in WordPress and shows you helpful reports in your WordPress dashboard

URL: https://vpe.tv/monsterinsights

Social Blade

Description: Analytics made easy.

URL: https://vpe.tv/socialblade


Description: Woopra is another web analytics solution that offers real-time stats and tracks users to the individual level. It focuses on customer trends, retention, segmentation, and more.

URL: https://vpe.tv/woopra


Description: StatCounter is a plugin that allows you to connect your WordPress site to the StatCounter service. It is a cloud-based site stats counter service which offers a basic website statistics service.

URL: https://vpe.tv/statcounter


Description: ExactMetrics (formerly Google Analytics Dashboard for WP) is one of the top Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. Many beginners find Google Analytics reports a bit hard to understand.

URL: https://vpe.tv/exactmetrics

WP Statistics

Description: WP Statistics is a WordPress analytics plugin for your site. It displays tracking stats with simple graphs in your WordPress admin area.

URL: https://vpe.tv/wpstatistics

Crazy Egg

Description: Crazy Egg shows you where your visitors are clicking on your site. This technology is called heat mapping, and it allows you to visualize how your users interact with your website.

URL: https://vpe.tv/crazyegg


Description: Matomo (formerly Piwik) is a free self-hosted open source analytics solution for your websites. It has a premium cloud-hosted version too. Matomo offers user-centric insights, data protection, custom and extensive analytics reports, and more.

URL: https://vpe.tv/matomo


Description: Heap is a powerful WordPress analytics tool that allows you to codelessly capture data for every click, tap, change, swipe, and page view.

URL: https://vpe.tv/heap


Description: Mixpanel helps you add real-time event tracking for your campaigns. It is available for websites as well as mobile apps.

URL: https://vpe.tv/mixpanel