The Power of Influencer Marketing


The Power of the Creator Economy: 5 Ways To Convert Influencer Marketing

Soon to be a $104 billion market, the global creator economy has witnessed a big boom in recent years. A 2022 research shows there are over 200 million content creators in the world today, out of which 50 million creators have joined in 2022 alone. Evidently, the creator economy is expanding. So to help marketers scale their creator marketing efforts and become the talk of the social media town, affable.ai organized a creator economy masterclass in partnership with Vinnie Potestivo, an Emmy-award-winning media advisor.

The future of the creator economy relies on our ability to connect, make impact, and ignite change.

Vinnie Potestivo

The Power Of Creator Economy: 5 Ways To Convert Influencer Marketing

The Power Of Creator Economy: 5 Ways To Convert Influencer Marketing masterclass featured five panelists – Judi Fox, Natasha Graziano, Corey R Martin, Lola Bakare, and Nisarg Shah – who talked about how brands can convert their influencer marketing efforts and emerge stronger on social media. Here’s the complete video of the event, along with the key takeaways from each speaker!

Key Takeaways From Each Speaker

Corey R. Martin

EVP of Global Influencer Innovation at Edelman

successful influencer marketing campaign starts with having the right strategy in place, even before identifying and selecting influencers. So, before anything, think about which of these three things you want from your campaign: content, credibility, or channel. Once you know what you need, the strategy flows from that, getting you to the right creators who can bring faster conversions.

Lola Bakare

Anthem-award-winning inclusive marketing strategist

For the marketers wondering how to get into the creator economy, think about the impact your business has had through referrals or word-of-mouth as a starting point, and then think about an influencer marketing strategy as a way to scale that. 

Figure out why people refer you, what about you gets them excited that they share with their friends, and what your customers say about what brought them in. Once you have all the answers, use the information as building blocks and scale the best things about your brand through an influencer marketing strategy. 

Judi Fox

LinkedIn business coach, and sales strategist

To succeed on LinkedIn, find creators who have already collected your target audience and/or your key community, join their community instead of competing, and make an impact. 

Natasha Graziano

Podcast host, thought leader, and bestselling author

The best way for brands to scale their creator marketing campaigns is to:
‍• Leverage influencer communities by hosting influencer events with creators and people who love your brand. Allow the creators to share the event on their social media pages so you can reach their audiences, which could be thousands and millions of people. You can open up your event and host giveaways to give people a chance to socialize and get free products. The strategy will lead you to join the influencer communities and create awareness. 

• Connect and engage with active audiences on social media pages similar to your brand. Create a list of 5 like-minded brands, go on their latest posts, and reach out to the people engaging with their content. Interact with their posts, like, comment, or DM them to let them know about your brand because chances are these people are already buying products from that like-minded brand and may like to look at your products too. 

Nisarg Shah

Co-founder and CEO of affable.ai influencer management platform

To execute successful influencer marketing campaigns, you need to:

• Work with the right influencers – who have your target audience 
• Give influencers the creative freedom to churn out content that they feel their audience will engage more with 
• Compensate the influencers well and align incentives for every conversion they drive 
• Set creator campaigns on autopilot and focus on building authentic brand-influencer relationships

To conclude, Natasha says, “The influencer marketing world is growing exponentially, and it will continue growing. So, you (brands) can jump on this wave and ride it or stay in the dark ages and stay the size it is. But if you want to add a zero at the end of your achievements this year, I suggest you get on LinkedIn and use it the right way, use the affable.ai platform, connect with the right people, and get your influencer marketing campaign going!” Here’s an excellent graphic recording from the Masterclass captured by Sylwia Chmielewska, Marketing Manager with Sharebee, putting everything together for you.

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Vinnie Potestivo is an Emmy Award-winning media brand advisor, personal brand strategist, and creator economist. He is a well-trusted connector who creates, develops, produces, distributes, amplifies, and helps to monetize some of the most talked-about brands in modern pop culture.

As host of I Have A Podcast, his goal is to inspire your creative potential.