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to the ultimate guide to launching your first podcast!

There are so many awesome benefits to having a podcast, which is why I took the time and resources to pull this document together. What you are about to create is IMPORTANT! You are about to create something that you own, you have rights to, and have complete control of. That’s power, and how you use it is powerful.

My goal: save you hours and months of research, give you the framework for a successful podcast, and provide you with the infrastructure to create it.

Your goal: Feel confident in creating a sustainable podcast strategy that works for you and your audience.

There are a tremendous amount of opportunities with podcasts, I know. It’s an evolving medium that is only picking up more speed, more listeners, more impact. My advice: take action. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

I am here to help!

Vinnie Potestivo

WHO is your target audience? What do you know about them?

WHAT does your audience want to hear you talk about? What are their needs? What are your needs?

WHEN will you publish new episodes? When will you create new episodes?

WHERE will your audience listen to this? Where will they connect? Where do you start?

WHY are you doing this? What are your goals for this podcast?

HOW do you want your audience to feel when listening to your podcast? How will you create, publish and amplify your podcast?

This is THE PAGE where we will iron out everything you need to physically create your podcast.

TITLE: What are you calling your podcast? Is it easy to say, easy to share, and does it make it easy to find you? Does it stand out? Are you speaking your audiences language?

DESCRIPTION: Craft a description of your podcast that gives listeners and understanding of what they are in for. Start with a strong hook, and make sure you let your audience know what they will get out of listening to each of your episodes. Take a look at some of your favorite podcasts to see how they’ve structured theirs. Comedic, Ironic, 1st Person, 3rd Person, Narrative, Descriptive… Make it yours!

CATEGORY: Apple Podcasts recommends shows based on more than 100 categories and subcategories. You can choose up to two categories or subcategories that best reflect the content of your show. Here is a list of the Categories. The primary category is used to display your show in each category page, Top Charts, and personalized recommendations in Listen Now. The secondary category also helps your show appear in select category pages, in editorially curated collections, and in search.

ARTWORK: This is a fun one! My advice here: create the image you want people to remember when they think and talk about your podcast. Have clarity, be unique, and stand out! Take a look at some of your favorite podcasts to see how they’ve structured theirs. If you’re a gifted designer, you’re probably already using creative software like Adobe Photoshop or creative platforms like Canva. If you need help in the art department, there are plenty of creators in this space who would love to collaborate with you to make your vision come to life. fiverr is a great space for a one-off art project.

PRO TIP: Fils size matters! Keep these specs in mind when creating your artwork:
File Type: JPEG or PNG
Colorspace: RBG
Resolution: 72 dpi
Size: 3000 x 3000 pixels with a file size under 500 kb.

SOCIAL MEDIA AMPLIFICATION: There is no shortage of social media platforms you can use to help amplify your podcast. Podbean plugs in to a few social platforms nicely. They include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr & WordPress.

I don’t autopost to Facebook, instead I immediately create a blog post and share it to social platforms afterwards.
I don’t auto post to LinkedIn, instead I embed my Spotify podcast episodes in a LinkedIn Newsletter article dedicated to I Have A Podcast.
I’m not active on Tumblr.
I choose to create custom blog posts and opted not to connect WordPress to Podbean so I don't get duplicate info.
I do autopost my podcast episodes directly to YouTube and Twitter directly from Podbean.
YouTube for SEO and future video-embed needs related to my blog posts, and the Twitter integration allows me to customize my outbound message that leads to the ink of each unique episode. See the example of my tweets below.

PRO TIP: I chose to make it feel more “newsy” so it stands out on my feed from my normal tone of voice. It is the same outgoing message for ALL future episodes as well so do not write something in here custom to the episode or you will need to change it when you publish your next.






1. Determine how many episodes you will publish in a month
2. Select your show themes/topics
3. Find guests or relevant facts to add value
4. Be mindful of the public/social calendar
5. Create questions that lead to conversations


1. Determine how many episodes you can record in a single sitting
2. Select your guests & topics
3. Find a team (happy to explain what services we provide) or pull up your sleeves and use a free or premium app to record and edit your podcast
4. Be punctual and use calendly to automate podcast scheduling & communication
5. Create the episode by uploading and combining your unique episodic podcast title, podcast description, cover art, audio file, and podcast tags


1. Determine a crystal clear and simple message
2. Select soundbites that make your guest look great
3. Find hashtags, conversation threads, rooms, events and spaces where this information can make an impact and join in on an existing conversations
4. Be respectful, honest, humble and consistent when posting and promoting your own project
5. Create supply and demand

I get anxious when it comes to time. This 12 square grid helped me wrap my head around how I could take a single theme, word, or area of study and bring it into all of my content, studies, thoughts without feeling overwhelmed.

Jan – CatalystFeb – UniqueMar – InnovationApril – Elevation
May – Enhancement June – InclusivityJuly – DiscoveryAug – Excellence
Sept – CultivationOct – PersistenceNov – GratitudeDec – Reflection

What does ours look like?
















This is a step-by-step guide as how to physically set up your podcast with the infrastructure needed to connect to podcast directories (such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc) so you can be heard!

1. Select a podcast host platform. I recommend Podbean (vpe.tv/podbean) because I am very familiar with the platform and it’s where all of the podcasts I create get launched. For a list of other host providers please see our list of recommendations here (link to podcast host providers in creator directory).

PRO TIP: When setting up your host platform account you will also create your unique RSS link. I recommend you use the title of your podcast and your name in your rss link if possible.

2. Head to Settings and enter in your Podcast Title, Brief Description, Podcast Category and Podcast logo (this is your official podcast artwork)

PRO TIP: While on Settings page, scroll down to “More Options” and enter your name as Author / Owner, update your Copyright date, Country of Origin is where you think your podcast is relevant to the consumer, and then set your Timezone (this is important for scheduling episodes later).

3. The next step is to create and publish your Podcast Trailer (Title, Description, and audio file needed). Navigate to “Episodes” and select “New Episode” in top right corner of page.

4. Choose audio file upload: Upload your .mp3 audio file, scroll down to “More Episode Settings” and select “Trailer" as the Episode Type. Often, this is marked as episode #1.

5. Title: your opportunity to introduce the podcast here.

6. Description: your opportunity to connect with your future audience and let them know what they are in for wrhenlisntening to your future episodes. Guests? Information? Experience? Stories? Experience? Let them know who you are, what this podcast stands for, and what they can come to expect.

7. Click PUBLISH and your Podcast Trailer will officially be available on Podbean. CONGRATS, your podcast has been published and now it's time to distribute it to podcast directories (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc)!

8. BEFORE you distribute your podcast, copy your Podcast's unique RSS URL and put it in this feed validator prior to submitting Ito podcast directories to ensure you pass inspection! https://vpe.tv/castfeedvalidator

9. Now it’s time to distribute your podcast to Podcast Directories such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify so people around the world can find them! The good news, you only have to “plumb” this connection once, and then directories will automatically pull new episodes from you as you publish them. The easiest way to do this is to navigate to your Podcast Dashboard and going to Distribution > Podcast Apps and follow the directions for each of the platforms listed. See below for as screenshot of mine. The good news about Podbean I that is expanding as the market expands and new podcast directories are listed here frequently. I just added my podcast to Boomplay as a result of writing this. (Thanks y’all!)

NAME: Apple Podcasts Connect

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/applepodcastsconnect

DESCRIPTION: Manage your content on the iTunes Store and Apple Books.

NAME: Spotify

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/spotify

DESCRIPTION: Reach a world of new listeners

NAME: Stitcher

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/stitcher

DESCRIPTION: Stitcher + Podcast Creators

NAME: Pocket Casts

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/pocketcasts

DESCRIPTION: Beautifully designed. Feature rich. Yours

NAME: Radio Public

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/radiopublic

DESCRIPTION: Savvy podcasters and digital marketers use RadioPublic to promote podcasts

NAME: Blubrry

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/blubrry

DESCRIPTION: Publish. Analyze. Grow…

NAME: Player FM

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/playerfm


NAME: Podchaser

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/podchaser

DESCRIPTION: Your Daily Source for Podcast Discovery

NAME: Acast

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/acast

DESCRIPTION: The home of podcasting

NAME: Google Podcasts Manager

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/googlepodcastsmanager

DESCRIPTION: Insights to power your podcast

NAME: iHeartRadio Podcasts

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/iheartradiopodcasts

DESCRIPTION: Join the World’s Largest Podcast Network

NAME: Tune In

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/tunein

DESCRIPTION: TuneIn brings together live sports, music, news, and podcasts — hear what matters most to you!

NAME: Pandora

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/pandora

DESCRIPTION: Share your podacast, Connect with fans. Tell your stories.


LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/overcast

DESCRIPTION: Free, simple, award-winning podcast player for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

NAME: Castro

LINK/URL: https://vpe.tv/castro

DESCRIPTION: Create a podcast, reach the world, inspire people.

Apple Podcasts Connect https://vpe.tv/applepodcastsconnect Manage your content on the iTunes Store and Apple Books.
Spotify https://vpe.tv/spotify Reach a world of new listeners
Stitcher https://vpe.tv/stitcher Stitcher + Podcast Creators
Pocket Casts https://vpe.tv/pocketcasts Beautifully designed. Feature rich. Yours
Radio Public https://vpe.tv/radiopublic Savvy podcasters and digital marketers use RadioPublic to promote podcasts
Blubrry https://vpe.tv/blubrry Publish. Analyze. Grow…
Player FM https://vpe.tv/playerfm Best Podcast
Podchaser https://vpe.tv/podchaser Your Daily Source for Podcast Discovery
Acast https://vpe.tv/acast The home of podcasting
Google Podcasts Manager https://vpe.tv/googlepodcastsmanager Insights to power your podcast
iHeartRadio Podcasts https://vpe.tv/iheartradiopodcasts Join the World's Largest Podcast Network
Tune In https://vpe.tv/tunein TuneIn brings together live sports, music, news, and podcasts — hear what matters most to you!
Pandora https://vpe.tv/pandora Share your podacast, Connect with fans. Tell your stories.
Overcast https://vpe.tv/overcast Free, simple, award-winning podcast player for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
Castro https://vpe.tv/castro Create a podcast, reach the world, inspire people.