Official Award Name: National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Founded in 1955, The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of television and the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, educational and technical achievements within the television industry. There are 19 Chapters of The National Academy located throughout the United States. Each Chapter awards Emmys® in their region, the chapters are also responsible for membership to The National Academy, Regional Student Production Awards, Regional Scholarships and Regional recognition with Silver and Gold Circle honors. Regional Chapters also hold programs, seminars and events for National Academy members. To enter a regional competition and or find out more about the chapter in you region use the Zip Code lookup form below. You will be given the contact information and additional information about the respective chapter.

Price: Free
Categories: Television, Digital Media, Marketing
Submission Deadline: December 9, 2022
URL: https://vpe.tv/nationalacademyoftelevisionartsansciences

Official Award Name: HubSpot Impact Awards

HubSpot Impact Awards honor marketers and partners who are successfully building and promoting their clients. These awards are split into quarterly category awards, yearly performance awards, and the Global HEART Award. Categories include website design, sales, marketing, integrations innovation, and service. Contestants must be active HubSpot solutions partners in order to apply.

Categories: Software, Free
URL: https://vpe.tv/hubspotimpactawards

Official Award Name: Discover Pods Awards

Discover Pods Awards are the largest growing fan-voted podcast awards and recognize the best podcasts of the year. Top categories include best overall podcast, most innovative podcast, and best new podcast of the year. A committee made up of Discover Pods and podcast professionals choose 15 finalists per category and then fans vote for the final winners.

Price: Free
Categories: Podcast
URL: https://vpe.tv/discoverpodsawards

Official Award Name: iHeartRadio Podcast Awards

The iHeartRadio Podcast Awards celebrate some of the best podcasts in the industry. Categories include Best Podcast of the Year, Best Fiction, Best News, Best Travel, and Best Branded Podcast.

Price: Free
Categories: Podcast
URL: https://vpe.tv/iheartradiopodcastawards

Official Award Name: Audio Verse Awards

The Audio Verse Awards celebrate the best individuals and productions involved in creative immersive audio fiction around the world. They feature a variety of awards in Art, Music, Sound Design, Writing, Directing, Performance and Player and Production. Listeners and fans vote for and choose the top 10 finalists and winners.

Price: Free
Categories: Business, Marketing
URL: https://vpe.tv/audioverseawards

Official Award Name: PR Daily's Social Media and Digital Marketing Awards

PR Daily’s Digital Marketing and Social Media Awards recognize the increasing competition within the digital realm and have therefore created these awards to help companies stand out and prove the value of their contributions to their organizations. They celebrate creativity in connecting with consumers and clients online and reward successful campaigns, content, and marketing strategies that have captivated audiences. This is an opportunity to be recognized for digital prowess through the large variety of category awards, as well as grand prizes such as Digital Communicator of the Year, Digital Firm of the Year, Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year, Digital Team of the Year, and Social Media Campaign of the Year.

Price: Free
Categories: Digital Media, Website, Social Media, marketing, Video
URL: https://vpe.tv/prdailyssocialmediaanddigitalmarketingawards

Official Award Name: The Queerties

The Queerties feature fan-voted awards and celebrate the best in LGBTQ culture and media. They feature 23 categories including Favorite Podcast, Favorite Instagram Follows, Favorite TikTok follows, and Best Innovator. The awards are produced by the entertainment site Queerty, and fans vote for their favorites in each category.

Price: Free
Categories: Podcast, Games, Social Media, Television, LGBTQ, Digital Media
Submission Deadline: February 24, 2022
URL: https://vpe.tv/queerties

Official Award Name: PopCon Podcast Awards

The PopCon Podcast Awards honor podcasters through a wide variety of awards including 20 genre awards, four technical awards, and three top awards. The top awards include Award for Podcasting Excellence, Best New Podcast, and the People's Choice Award. A panel of judges vote for the best podcasts based on predetermined criteria per category.

Price: Free
Categories: Podcast, Games, Business, Television, LGBTQ, Marketing
Submission Deadline: May 31, 2022
URL: https://vpe.tv/popconpodcastawards

Official Award Name: American Reality TV Awards

The Reality Television Awards supports, examines and redefines the art of reality in media by rewarding excellence, encouraging experimentation and recognizing that the public is the heart of our industry. We embrace the spirit of fun and camaraderie which is an inherent part of what makes this industry great. We value the rich diversity of programming that puts reality in media on the leading edge of entertainment.

Price: Free
Categories: Television, Social Media, Podcast
Submission Deadline: Free
URL: https://vpe.tv/americanrealitytvawards

Official Award Name: Think Global Awards

The Think Global Awards is a free to enter global awards program that focuses on recognizing the diverse achievements of individuals and businesses.

Price: Free
Categories: Marketing, Free
Submission Deadline: January 31,2023
URL: https://vpe.tv/thinkglobalawards