Ritch In Life

Ritch In Life is a lifestyle podcast based on experiences in the fashion, retail world of designers and the luxury consumers who love them.
Join luxury shoe retailer & designer Ritch Erani weekly has he and his guests discuss why the grass is not always greener, why one size does not always fit all, and how to step with your best foot forward.
Created by Vinnie Potestivo & Bradley Carney.


Ritch Erani | Summer Revelations 2021

We are closing off season 2 with a very important guest, a guest who has been on the show once before… 

Ritch Erani is back on a solo show and he is here to share all of his summer revelations. Tune in for an episode full of laugher and a few complains… Ritch Erani expertise. 


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Ritch Erani | Summer Revelations 2021