Current Projects

General Castings:

The Pet Casting
Spoiled Rotten Pets (Working Title)

VPEtalent is looking for pet owners in the tri-state area who will stop at nothing to make their pets happy! Whether it’s dressing your cat up in couture, treating your pooch to a day at the spa, or commissioning a photo of you with your furry family members, if you will stop at nothing to treat and pamper your pet, we want to hear from you!
Make My Musical
Untitled ‘Make My Musical’ Project (Working Title)

VPE Talent is currently looking for musical theatre troupes in the tri-state area to participate in a an exciting new TV series. We are looking for troupes that consist of 5-8 members to put on an original musical theater review with our approved catalogue of musical theater hits. (This is not a competition series)
Kitchen Couples
Untitled ‘Kitchen Couples’ Project (Working Title)

VPE Talent is seeking married couples or families who own and operate their own family-run restaurants. We are looking for couples in Chicago OR Phoenix to share their story of love, life in Chicago/Phoenix, and the food that ties them together. This is not a competition series.
The Couple Casting
Untitled ‘The Couple Casting’ Project (Working Title)

VPE Talent is seeking dynamic couples to live in a house with their extended family and compete for a large cash prize.

Special Bookings and Castings:

Bacardi Artisan Series

VPE is working with Bacardi on the 2012 Artisan Series which will identify five celebrities from five key markets throughout the US who have strong ties/roots to these cities. These celebrities will work with a production team to create a 3-5 minute short film documenting how art captures and reflects the spirit of their home city, while also showcasing a local artist. In short, the piece will act as a love letter and homage to their hometown. The final films will be screened at Art Basel and Tribeca Film Festival, along with a 60 minute documentary on Ovation. VPE is seeking a celebrity to represent either San Francisco, Atlanta or Detroit.


For more information, contact Lysee Webb

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