Instagram Tips For Launching Your CBD Brand

Here are a few things I’ve personally learned while launching several CBD brands and products this year including topicals, elixirs and skin care.

The Gold Q

OPTIMIZE YOUR PROFILE – Use @tags and #hashtags in the description of your business the same way you would with any business profile, however DO NOT use keywords like CBD, THC, Marijuana or Hemp if you plan on advertising or boosting posts on this account.

LINK TO A CLEAN BUSINESS PAGE – You’ll want to make sure there is no mention of CBD, Marijuana or Hemp (yes, hemp is legal, however it is still a trigger word) on the landing page of the website you’re bringing people to from your Instagram profile.

The Gold Q Topical CreamPOST DAILY – Most CBD business accounts will not be able to pay to boost posts or run ads on IG to help grow their reach because selling a product with CBD violates Facebook’s TOS. Since you can’t pay to boost, you’ll need to post FREQUENTLY & CONSISTENTLY.

BEFRIEND INFLUENCERS – You may not be able to boost posts on IG, however you can pay influencers to repost, promote and collaborate with your brand to help you grow your reach.

Find a small group of influencers who you can have a long lasting relationship with and invest in the conversation. Trust me, the best way to start a dialogue is to ensure multiple people will respond and be supportive of the conversation while offering a unique point of view which helps expand (and personalize) the campaign task at hand.

BE STRATEGIC WITH HOW YOU ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR “GREEN” INGREDIENT – There are lots of ways on Instagram to communicate to prospecting consumers that your product contains CBD. Avoid talking about it in the caption of your content (this includes hashtags and alt tags as well), and utilize Instagram’s ability to communicate a story within an image. Remember, Instagram’s technology can identify if there is text in photos, however it doesn’t actually read/understand what the text in your photos on your website say.