Modern Media Marketing

As a full-service entertainment agency, VPE continues to create and offer a wide array of services and solutions across all digital platforms. With a focus on talent integration, VPE is able to organically connect celebrity talent to top consumer brands and products. By ideating and executing multi-platform digital marketing campaigns and social media strategies, VPE has successfully launched and promoted an assortment of new products and events.


VPE can develop and execute innovative nationwide contests and talent searches. By utilizing proprietary web-ware, VPE can seamlessly and efficiently vet through thousands of submissions and rank top finalists. Furthermore, VPE is able to track information from submissions, including age, occupation, income, location, etc, which can later be used for high concept marketing initiatives.





In addition to working with an eclectic mix of celebrities and personalities, VPE works with local talent and tastemakers to seed and promote new products. By connecting with influencers in key markets, VPE can put your products directly in the hands of top consumers.








VPE partnered with JWT and Macy’s to locate aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs within the food, fashion and home industries to enter Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover Contest. Casting was conducted in top markets throughout the US, including Atlanta, Nashville, New York and San Francisco, as well as extensive digital outreach that targeted top blogs within each category. VPE vetted through each applicant to determine top finalists within each category. These finalists will go on to appear in a one-hour special on TLC where they will be mentored by top experts within their field of interest, with one contestant ultimately winning the final prize: One Million Dollars!

VPE connected Sun Drop Citrus Soda with Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian for a digital marketing campaign that would organically promote the brand across the sisters’ social media platforms. The program resulted in more than 22MM direct impressions and 775 re-tweets.

When Cîroc needed to pull together an All Star line-up of celebrities for E!’s Cîroc The New Year campaign, they turned to VPE to make sure the stars aligned. Pun intended.

When Dow wanted to tell the story of middle America and relate it to their new product, Great Stuff, they turned to VPE to find the stories and host of their multi-media campaign.

Ten chart-topping bands were asked to capture their world with Nikon D60s and explore what photography means to them. Each musician submitted two photos which were auctioned off on behalf of a charity of their choice. Their images reveal their personal “Visions of Rock.”

VPE partnered with Hill Holliday and MLB to track down passionate baseball fanatics in North America for the 2012 MLB Fan Cave Contest, a competition targeting MLB enthusiasts. Extensive outreach resulted in more than 2,700 submissions which expanded across the United States and Canada. VPE vetted each applicant by reviewing a video submission and online application to determine the top 50 finalists. The winner of the MLB Dream Job will inhabit the Fan Cave every day for the entire 2012 MLB season where they will watch all 2,430 regular season games, as well as all Postseason games. During their time in the Fan Cave, they will chronicle their thoughts and experiences via Facebook, Twitter, and throughout the MLB network.